Saturday, 30 January 2021

6 weeks old

 Joulu is 6 weeks old already.  He is getting little trips out of the house, plays serious bitey face with his mum and has an adorable new little harness to start to slowly get used to.  I'm guessing he'll grow out of it long before he gets to use it out in the world.  

"I know I'm impossibly cute, but is this really necessary, hoomans?"

Saturday, 23 January 2021

5 weeks old

A yummy treat on a spoon helps the stand pose :-)

Joulu is certain to think he will always get snow, as the very same week he went outdoors for the first time, he experienced snow.  Lucky puppy!  

Here he is learning that all-important pouncing skill, foiled by the tennis ball. 

And a selection of cute photos from his 5th week.

Hanging out with mum

Getting the crazy play face in order

Suvi is such a good mum

Looking like he's ready for mischief

... out

And, finally, a little video of Joulu outside for the first time.  Suvi is not exactly gentle with him - but then if he had siblings, they would play pretty rough too.  She knows what she's doing.  I love how confident he is!

But before we go, how cute is this?  Joulu with his parents at the same age.

Suvi - Joulu - Arvo all at 5 weeks

Saturday, 16 January 2021

4 weeks old


Have you ever seen such a fluffy 4-week-old puppy?  Me neither!

Joulu has moved out of the cats' domain upstairs and now has a palatial pen downstairs where he is enjoying the extra space and the extra features such as pussycats and cardboard boxes.

He has teeth now, which Suvi isn't impressed with, and he tucks right into his kibble mush now. 

He full-on plays with his toys now, as well, shaking them to death (falling over in the process).  Luckily he doesn't realise he's lonely without any siblings.  

Here is a selection of cute shots from his 4th week.


Catching Zs

There are eyes in there somewhere...

Did someone say 'show stand'???

Hanging out with mum

Saturday, 9 January 2021

3 weeks old

 It's been a busy week for Joulu.  He's had his nails cut a few times now, he has been wormed - neither of these events is something he's particularly keen on, like all puppies.  On the plus side, his eyes are open, he has learned to walk (and getting good at it), he is now playing with his toys (result - they don't bite back!) and he has started to lap at milk (yummy but hard work) and had his first meal.  

Is it possible he's getting cuter?  He's definitely getting funnier at times.  Little walking video at the bottom.

This pretty boy (tongue out!)

And again!  Sleeping version
Not perfectly sharp, but with pretty mama

Mamas are good for snoozing with

Practicing walking

Hanging out with the toy-siblings

Milk is yummy

Being a puppy is TIRING WORK

Squawking over-tired puppy

And then .... zzzzzzzzzz

Friday, 1 January 2021

2 weeks old

Here is one very cute polar bear cub Finnish Lapphund puppy at 2 weeks old.  Eyes open, starting to try to get on his feet and walk, looking for his toys/siblings.  He's 870 grams now, so developing well.  He had one rear dew claw on the right but John & Anna were lucky enough to be able to find a vet who was willing to remove it when he was 5 days old.  The little wound from that procedure is all healed now and we don't need to worry about it being damaged when he's older and haring around the woods in the way that we know they do when they have the opportunity.

Some photos from his second week and a little video at the bottom of him almost walking:

2 weeks old profile

One day his paws will be that big.  Or bigger.

Sweet polar bear face

Suvi is such a good mama

Snoozing with his "littermates"

It's good when your littermates let you lie on them

Snuggles with mama

Lounging with open eyes