Monday, 24 May 2010

what a difference...

...a week makes!

There we were last weekend bundled up in fleeces and waterproof jackets. This weekend? Summer arrived a couple of days ago and suddenly it's too hot to walk the dogs anytime other than very early or very late. So on Sunday, very early, we set off to Bovey Valley for a long walk along the river and through the bluebell woods.

Within the woods was a bit dark for very clear photos, although the dogs had a great time playing in the river and it meant that they were able to keep cool in the shade. Outside in the fields the sunlight was so hot & bright that it was difficult to get the gang to sit still for a photo. But here they are anyway.

Happy Lappies Maija, Keskiyo & Neka

With their friends the Border Collies Maddie & Kye

Keskiyo having a paddle in the river

In the meantime, the Tuisku puppies turned 10 weeks old and I have these photos to mark the occasion.

Jaana & Ellie having fun

Usko sporting the cute one-ear-up-one-ear-down look and learning to walk nicely on his lead.

Perfecting the Lappy pounce.

Kallio looking quite pleased with himself after - presumably - finishing the gardening. Just judging by the empty watering can next to him.

Big grin.

Friday, 21 May 2010

lappy walk pics

After bearing a little criticism from Jay last night for not posting photos yesterday, I thought I'd better get on with it now. I did say to check back 'later'. Well, this is 'later'. Just more 'later'.

And so, a few shots from the SFLS Lappy walk last Sunday. It was so great to see so many of Neka's kids and even one of the grandkids. There was a very sweet joyful reunion between Usko & his beloved granny which I would have loved to capture on video. Did I? Of course not.

As expected, the weather wasn't exactly wonderful, but we didn't have more than a short, very light drizzle either, so no one was complaining. Predictably, my less-terrible camera was at work, so I had only the more-terrible one to take photos.

I know that I have many excuses for my dreadful photos, and that particular one is my excuse for today. Sheesh, how do animal photographers do it? (Well, for one thing they have much more expensive cameras with much quicker shutter speeds. Even in digital.)

Front L-R: Katie with Sukka, Emma with Rauhan, other Emma with Taito, Matilda & Isabelle sharing a very svelte looking Taika, Emily with Kaija, Daniel with Keksi, Jim with Ismo.
Back L-R: Jay with Maija & Neka, Ian with Ben, Liz & other Ian with tiny Usko

Dogs L-R: Ben (with no head, oops), Taika, Taito, Maija, Neka, Ismo, Keksi, Kaija (lying in front), Usko (in Ian's arms at the back), Sukka & Rauhan.

It's difficult see anything from these group shots, of course, so I did try to take a few of individuals as well. Some are, ahem, better than others and most were taken in the car park - not the best of backdrops.

Kaija with Keksi in the background



Rauhan's big sis Sukka

Maija & Taika

At the pub later, Taito illustrates that famous gentle Lappy temperment as Usko takes advantage of his much bigger uncle. I wonder which way the size difference will go when they next meet...

A lovely day, as you can imagine, and I really ought to give a big shout out to the wonderful pub that Emma & Andrew discovered where we had lunch. If only I could remember where it is and/or what it's called...

As for the dogs, as you may well have guessed from the photos, they're all on strict diets in anticipation of the upcoming shows.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

excuses & thanks

Oh, I know there are a lot of frustrated readers out there who log in each day to see if I've got my finger out and onto the keyboard to post some puppy stuff. I appreciate you, I really do! In fact, I'm frequently surprised in a very pleasant way to see how many hits the blog gets each day. Not to mention the lovely messages of support & appreciation I get from time to time.

So, thanks, folks!

My only excuse for the silence is that, having taken several weeks off work to raise puppies, I now have rather a lot of work to catch up on. And with my dodgy dying work computer giving me strife, catching up is a tad more complicated than it ought to be.

Add to that the fact that everyone is so busy having fun with their new puppies that I have to beg for news... But I do have a few photos that I'll be sharing bit by bit.

In the meantime, you might want to have a look at my website where I've been busy toiling away at new pages for each dog that we have bred. Look for the link button 'Dogs We Have Bred' on the home page. They're not all up yet, and most of those that are up are still in the construction stage. The website is here, as always:

And I've got some photos from the Bristol Lappy walk last weekend to sort & post here. I'll get right on that, so do check back.

Friday, 14 May 2010

lappy walk

If you're in or near the southwest this weekend, join us for a Lappy walk in Leigh Woods, Bristol, on Sunday morning. The weather is going to be fabulous. No, really, it is!

Well, on Saturday, anyway.

But, as we know, the worse the weather, the better the Lappies like it, so we'll be there rain or shine. Come along! The walk is organised by the Southern Finnish Lapphund Society, but you don't need to be a member to join the walk.

I'm hoping we get lots of dogs & people - after all, it's going to require quite a few volunteers to take turns lugging Usko for 2 hours.

Here are the details, as borrowed from the SFLS website:

Walk Location: Avon Gorge Nature Reserve/Leigh Woods

Walk Leaders: James McGinlay and Daniel Spencer (representing SFLS)

Walk Location Details:

These woods are beautiful at any time of the year, but, being right next to Clifton Suspension Bridge, they are edged by cliffs to the gorge. On a previous walk we found that the cliffs were well fenced off but you will need to take care. One of those walks that can be short/medium or long depending on how convoluted a route you take!

Meet at car park in Leigh Woods - From the M5 take junction 19 and follow the A369 towards Bristol. After passing through Abbots Leigh you will find the site signposted on the left hand side. .?

See the following link for walk map details:

Walk Duration: approximately 2 hours, 2-3 miles

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

there's nowhere like home

I've had photos of most of the puppies at their new homes now, with the exception of one or two (you know who you are).

Here's Kallio showing how well the crate training is going, cuddling with his stuffed dog:

Exploring his new garden & flora:

Starting to look so grown up in this sweet portrait aged 8 weeks:

Here is Jaana looking very small in her new garden for the first time:

Sunbathing & getting to know her new big sister Ellie:

I think they're going to be great friends, don't you?

Ian got himself a new camera in honour of Usko's arrival home and took some wonderful photos before it broke...

Here he is admiring his new ball:

And his paws:

Although I haven't personally received any photos of Minna at home with Taika & family, I shamelessly stole this cute one from Facebook of her chilling with her mum in the garden:

Monday, 10 May 2010

when there were 2

I'm compiling photos from the puppies' first few days in their new homes, and lots of them have arrived by phone rather than email. While I try to figure out how to extract them from phone to computer, here is Neka entertaining Minna and Usko after their brother & sisters had already left.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

next adventure

It's a very quiet, puppyless house we have today. And a very happy bunch of new Finnish Lapphund owners trying to come to terms with those early mornings. They don't last forever, I promise.

Kallio was the first to go and I've already had some photos of him chilling in his own garden (with grass!) and meeting new friends. Here he is setting off with Nicole & Charlie. I worked very hard to keep him awake all morning so he would sleep all the way home. As you can see, he was more interested in snoozing than posing.

Jaana was another who had a long journey, and she also left with Paul & friends bright and early for the long drive. Both puppies had a good trip - no problems, no sickness. Phew! Also in the news, Jaana's kennel name is no longer Tuisku Piia - it's Tuisku Jonna, which I thought was conveniently similar in pronounciation to Jaana. I don't think she's particularly bothered either way.

Kesä was next out the door. Vicky & Gary came alone to collect her and left some very excited children at home waiting for them to get back. I hear they've been keeping her busy and tired - the formula for happy puppies and owners. And she's even sleeping through the night. I expected it of the others, but not necessarily Kesä, so that's very good news.

Usko had a very long drive home with Liz & Ian thanks to the seemingly ever-present problems on the M5. But, as expected, he was good as gold. I can't wait to see photos of him in his new paddock that Ian has worked so hard to set up.

Minna was the last to go back home to mummy Taika, Kate & Jerome and children Isabelle & Jamie. She stayed a week after Taika's departure because we wanted to give Taika a chance to be the centre of attention back at home for a while and settle back into her usual routines before disrupting the whole household again with a puppy's arrival. Kate reported that it was as though Taika had never left and there was a joyous reunion with Tino the cat involving much mutual face licking.

Of all the puppies, Minna was the only one I was a tiny bit concerned about going home, as she is quite timid - who could have predicted that the ruler of the whelping box would be the one to be shy and, unfortunately, car sick. However, within minutes of their arrival, Minna was chasing Jamie all over the lounge, so I don't think she'll have too many problems. Much socialising is on the cards and that ought to sort her out in no time.

And she made it home with nothing more troublesome than copious drooling.

Taika looks as though she's not overly impressed to see her puppy join the family, doesn't she? But I can assure you she was thrilled to see her when they arrived. Taika came straight into the house and jumped into the pen to greet Minna.

I really should have had the video camera ready. Sadly I did not, but I do have some cute footage of granny Neka playing with the last 2 puppies to go that I'll post in due course.

Hopefully there will be some puppies-in-their-new-homes pics next.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

7 weeks old

The puppies turn 7 weeks old (already!?) and we get ready to say goodbye. I've half-jokingly told everyone to just come round one evening when we're out & help themselves. But no, we'll be here to wave them off as one by one they set out on the next adventure with their new families. But first, the 7 week update and lots more photos & videos before they leave over the next few days.

Minna (2 Toes)

Kallio (2 Tone)

Kesä (Grey Wolf)

Usko (Dino)

Piia/Jaana (Butterfly)