Sunday, 31 July 2011

devon nine turn 3

A very happy birthday to the Devon Nine, who are 3 years old today. Little did I know that quiet morning 3 years ago what a lot of hard work I had ahead of me keeping up with 9 little black puppies who all looked pretty much identical. They were the inspiration for this blog and they were pretty cute too!

Here's how they looked at 6 weeks:

L-R: Kaija, Tarkka, Jaska, Maija

L-R: Maija, Tarkka, Rauhan, Sybil, Inko

And at 5 weeks:

L-R Back: Rauhan, Inko
Front: Viivi, Tarkka, Sybil, Tarmo, Maija

Looking at these photos brings it all back - oh how it rained for the whole 8 weeks they lived here!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Buddy's visit

The one puppy from Keksi's litter that we hadn't seen since he left us was Buddy (Infindigo Persikka Sonni). A couple of weeks ago he came to visit for a few days and we had fun getting reacquainted with him. He seemed to have a pretty good time, too.

Being a good boy in the house

Running in the woods with granny Neka (left)

Doing a bit of fishing

I was hoping he would get to see his brother Ukko and possibly sister Marja while he was here, but the timing didn't work out that way. Here he is having a game with his uncle Taito instead, who for games is the next best thing to sibling puppies.

In our house, with so many dogs, the play has to be slightly more restrained. But there was plenty of it.