Monday, 30 November 2009


Any day, any day at all now, Taika will come into season. And when she does Kate & I are taking her to France to meet this handsome fellow for a romantic assignation.

Lapinlumon Albmi

Photo: St
├ęphanie Dubois

His parents are Dk Ch Lapinlumon Kiiski and Orso-Farm Caamos (whose photos you can see if you scroll about 1/3 of the way down the list on this page) and I originally found him when I was researching the offspring of Kiiski, who I just love, love, love the look of. It just so happened that he lives conveniently in southern France instead of somewhere rather more difficult to get to with dog in tow, like Denmark or Finland. What luck!

So, when will Taika come into season? Well, that is anyone's guess, unfortunately, as she doesn't share her mother's regular hormonal cycles and has historically had her seasons whenever she felt like it. Seemingly. I can see a trip to celebrate No├źl in my future.

And what colour will the puppies be? Again, that's pretty much anyone's guess. Taika is brown tricolour from two black tricolour parents and Albmi is wolf sable from one wolf sable parent and one black & tan who carried the recessive gene for brown. Therefore, there is a good chance that Albmi also carries that gene - and looking at the colour of his coat, he looks as though there might be some brown in there. However, we won't know until he produces a brown puppy. So Taika's litter might turn out black tricolour, brown tricolour, wolf sable or brown sable. But my money is on wolf sables and brown tricolours, if that means anything (which it doesn't, really). But it will be very interesting to find out.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Inko visit

At the moment Paula & Adam are having one or two little changes to their home decor. Ahem.

Anyway, while they have moved out, Inko has come to stay with us and it's been fun & games pretty much non-stop from first light to lights out. Did I say fun? Well, fun for the Lappies, anyway. For us, it's pretty tiring sometimes. You would think they would wear each other out, but long after Keskiyo & Neka have given up, the 2 youngsters are still going strong. Maija will miss her so much when she goes back home - perhaps I'll send her to stay in Surrey for a few weeks in return...

Here they are on the way home from a walk.

L-R: Maija, Keskiyo, Inko

And this is any typical evening.

Maija on top

Just to prove that Maija's not always the one stirring up trouble, in this one she only wants to go to sleep. No chance!