Monday, 11 April 2011

visits 2

We were thrilled when Daniel & Jim drove the long 3 hours to visit us on Saturday and we had a great day. No camera carrying was involved, but we did manage to spend 3 or 4 lazy hours in the sun in the back garden while the dogs deafened the neighbourhood - I mean, played together - so we did get one or two photos.

One or two hundred, that is. It's taken me a while to sort them, as there were more than a few that perfectly captured empty space, disappearing bottoms or the blur of fast-moving dogs. The promise of treats usually brings a bit of order for a nanosecond.

Ismo, Keksi, Kuura

As with all puppies, Kuura had more than a passing interest in the pond and the squillions of tadpoles wriggling away through the weed.

All the puppies do it. Once. Fall in, that is, and sure enough, Kuura had his splash too but bounced back wet, weed-covered and with a mouthful of things we'd rather not know about.

Don't even ask what he has in his mouth.

Then he and Maija had some rough and tumble playing which involved digging in the old rotten stump and rolling in the dirt. Great fun, but what a mess. Every puppy's favorite kind of play involves getting dirty, apparently.

Stunning, even when muddy. And one-eared.

Eventually, he was tired out sufficiently to have a snooze under the table while the humans had a G&T or 2. I assure you the sun was over the yard arm by then. More or less.

Sleepy boy.

Saturday, 9 April 2011


See, this is the part I really love. Well, to be honest, there are lots of parts I love about dogs and breeding puppies. There are parts that are not so great too. But visiting with the furry fruits of our labours and their families is right up there with puppy cuddling and watching them learning to pounce.

Last weekend was the very first championship breed show. Only 3 Infindigos were in attendance and Usko won his class. Inko and Rauhan were both booted out. The judge was definitely going for the big handsome dogs instead of the little handsome dogs.

The night before the show we stayed with Liz & Ian & Usko and apparently Usko's normally rather good behaviour all went out the window when we were around. He was excited to see us. Very. And everytime. Isn't that sweet? I just love it that the puppies always know us and are so happy to see us.

Not to mention another reunion with granny Neka. For her part, she stormed into the garden, had a quick hello with the pup and then promptly illustrated to Liz & Ian all the flaws in their fence. I hope Usko wasn't paying attention because his fence has always been perfectly adequate for him.

The week before that we had a walk in the spring sunshine with Becca, Ben & Ukko along the canal to the Double Locks in Exeter. There was another sweet reunion between granny & puppy.

There was a bit of speed practice, always so important for a 4-month-old puppy.

And then he was off trying to keep up with Maija. Next time they see each other, I guess he'll keep up with her easily. And then some.

Finally, a bit of ringcraft training before heading back. Becca has done an excellent job of training him, especially considering she's never been in the show ring herself. In fact, to my knowledge she has ever only been to one show.

He trots.

He stands.

He even shows his teeth.

Today in some more glorious spring sunshine, Daniel, Jim, Ismo, Keksi & Kuura are all coming for a visit. Perhaps I can talk Jay into carrying the camera on today's walk too.