Thursday, 12 July 2018

5 weeks old

Time marches on and suddenly it's worming week again.  If you have been watching on Facebook, you will have seen that the puppies have spent a bit more time in the outdoor pen this week.  When it wasn't too hot, that is.  Wow, I feel sorry for these ice-loving pups this summer.  With our unexpected, unusual and unrelenting 30-degree weather, they must think they were born straight into hell!  The frozen water bottles are on regular rotation.  And the fan is on double-time.  All the dogs are grateful for that.

These are wiggly, waggy pups, but everyone will be very pleased to know that we managed to get some photos.  Thanks mainly to cheese.  This is normally the week the puppies get their first taste of the beloved training treat.  Suffice to say they approve.  They also approve of scrambled eggs, in which I am delivering their wormer.  They love the eggs so much that the wormer just sneaks right past.


Oh, did you want to see my face?


There are 2 ears there, honest

Is this what you call a show stand?


The Paw of Reason is strong in this one

Thursday, 5 July 2018

4 weeks old

This has been a big week for the puppies.  They are being regularly groomed - touched all over, toes, teeth, eyes and ears all inspected, nails cut and brushed with a soft puppy brush.  These puppies love to be brushed, so I fully expect their new owners to keep it up.  I don't expect to be hearing that any of them don't like to be groomed in 6 months' time.  Well, let's see how that goes ... there's a first time for everything, right?

They have moved from the steamy, hot little room upstairs into the big downstairs pen and they have had a few minutes in the outdoor pen.  The weather is a bit too warm for them to spend any amount of time in the garden yet, although we do have a gazebo to keep the sun off.

They are generally taking everything in their stride and are happy, waggy, brave and resilient little tykes.


Modelling is hard work!


Grumpy face pup


Like this?

Friday, 29 June 2018

happy 1st birthday to the lintu litter

Just in the nick of time, I managed to scrabble together some photos of the Lintu puppies to celebrate their first birthday.  Here they are in birth order with current pics as well as shots from when they were still Woody, Robin, Raven, Rook, Buzz, Puffin & Merlin.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

3 weeks old

The puppies are 3 weeks old and have an average weight of 1825 grams.  These puppies have been pretty big all along, and with great round bellies.  Just for fun I've been comparing them to the other litter of 3 who were also pretty big puppies and grew into pretty big dogs.  As you can see, the Sisko gang were slightly bigger at birth and 1 week, exactly the same at 2 weeks but at 3 weeks their average weight is less than the average weight of the Täysikuu clan - although Maxene is heavier than Anni was.

Birth 1 Week 2 Weeks 3 Weeks
Täysikuu 329 558 1334 2020
Sisko 347 812 1334 1825

The weaning process has started.  Unusually they are not very interested in raw meat yet, but they love kibble mush soaked in warm milk.  

They were pretty cooperative about having their photos taken today - mainly because I got them when they were sleepy, I think.  As usual, the puppies are a bit crusty in the 3 week photos because when they're eating they get more stuck in their fur and all over each other than they do in their mouths.

They are a pretty yawny bunch, it seems.  Every photo shoot involves a great deal of yawning.  Pretty cute.




Sunday, 24 June 2018

heading out of skye

If you don't like mountains and blue skies then scroll right to the bottom for the obligatory dog shots.

You might have guessed there would be another dog or two involved in my Scotland trip.  After my 2 days of hiking on Skye, I woke up early to make the 5+ hours' drive to see Wendy, Scott, Hunter, Karhu & Tux at their home in a lovely village near Glasgow.

As I left Skye behind, the weather got ever better, and by the time I reached Fort William and Glencoe, it was truly glorious.  I stopped at Loch Lomond for a much-needed coffee.  I had intended to stop there for breakfast, but the heavy traffic in the Glencoe area put paid to that plan.  By the time I reached my destination at Loch Lomond, breakfast was over but lunch was still a way away.  So I had a quick coffee in the blazing sunshine loch-side then got to Wendy's for lunch.

Last view of the Cuillin

Typical Skye road views

Southern Skye

Hills for days

Glencoe way

Good car window shot

Best car window shot of the trip

Coffee break at Loch Lomond

You may know about Wendy from her great blog Thankfifi.  If you like fashion, lifestyle & dog blogs you won't find a better one - check it out.

We did all the stuff that we do when I visit Wendy & Scott - cafe visits, brunch out, dinner in, gin & tonic, dog walk, dog talk and gossip - but this time we did it all with almost-1-year-old Hunter as well.  Can I just say what an amazingly easy baby he is!  Absolutely good as gold the whole time I was there (which was a little less than 24 hours, it's true, but still.)

I had a couple of nice photos of the dogs and a really great photo of Wendy & Hunter, but somehow I have lost them from my phone.  Deleted them, obviously - how careless can you get (insert sad face emoji).  I also lost the cute photo of Tux giving Hunter a little kiss.  Those two are adorable together.

Karhu looking distinguished mid-conversation

Tux with toy