Tuesday, 28 August 2018

12-week check in

At the time of writing the Sisko girls are just about 12 weeks old.  They are deep into training, socialisation and ... swimming.  At least one is a skilled escape artist like her dad, at least one other is super-clever like her great-great-granny, at least another is a very good girl like her mama.   But they are all, without exception, loving the water like their maternal grandpa.  Actually, come to think of it, he was a pretty good escapologist himself, so I guess these puppies don't stand a chance.  Or, should I say, their families don't.

Big thanks to their families for frequent updates and some photos.  I'm still waiting for the swimming video, but hopefully that will be along too in due course.


At home in her new garden

Got the paddling pool sorted

A day at work

Insta-famous at Pets at Home


Mid-game with new big brother, Bergen

Being a good girl

Growing up pup

Also got the paddling pool sorted

who is now also called Nukka

"I'm allowed on the table, right?"

Getting sleepy

Playing tug with Mr Fox

Another sweet wet pup

Friday, 10 August 2018

sisko girls head out

I'm a bit late catching up, but the puppies had their microchips, clear vet checks and clear eye tests.  

They endured a bit less than the normal amount of in-town socialising that Infindigo puppies usually get because it was so very hot in the weeks leading up to the leaving dates.  But there was plenty of noise acclimatisation, a few car trips and only a small amount of vomit.  

Eventually they set off on their big adventures to their new homes.  They were all surprisingly lucky with cooler days for their long car journeys.  And as with every puppy who has left here for the past 10 years, we collected going home pics of the Sisko girls.  

First it was Suvi (Patty) & Kukka (Maxene), followed a bit later by Piia (LaVerne).  They are all settled in now and I hope to have some great photos to share in the coming days of the girls in their new homes with all the new cat and dog siblings.

Suvi (Patty) 
Off with Anna and John all the way to Manchester

Kukka (Maxene)
Heading up the road to Dartmoor with Naomi & Mark

Piia (LaVerne)
The longest trip of all - about 18 hours door-to-door to Northern Ireland with
Beverley, Gareth & Kristen.  Officially the best-travelled 9-week-old Infindigo puppy ever.

Good luck pups and new families!