Saturday, 29 October 2016

2 weeks old

I haven't had the opportunity to spend nearly as much time with these puppies as I would like.  In past years I have had lots of time to spend with the puppies, and earlier litter coverage on this blog is testament to that.  But needs must, as they say (where does that come from, anyway?), and my needs at the moment include working long hours away from home, apparently.  So I only get to see these puppies first thing in the morning and when I get home from work in the evening.  And, believe it or not, you can see a difference in size from morning to evening.  No lie.

Normally I would take the weekly photos on the birthday, which for these puppies is Sunday, of course.  However, I'm going to be away for all the daylight there is tomorrow, and so here are the puppies' 2 week portrait a day early.

Yes, they have their eyes open.  That's about the only news yet.  They are not yet walking (too fat) and not yet playing with each other (too lazy).  They have, however, already figured out what the water bowl is for - i.e. snuggling up to as it's nice and cold.  Sounds like a bunch of typical Lappies already. 

Little Arvo

Little Arvo - profile


Tähti - profile

Kuu - Profile

Sunday, 23 October 2016

1 week old

The puppies are growing fast, as they always do at this age.  Normally they would double in weight in the first week, but without much in the way of competition at the milk bar, these puppies have done rather more than that.

They are crawling now, getting their legs strong enough to start standing and walking soon.  But - wow - with those bellies, how are they going to get that strong?

1-week portraits today, including some cute mid-yawn shots.  Kuu wasn't in the mood for yawning.  Apparently he's a very serious puppy.

Little Arvo
Little Aaaaaaaarvooooooo
Tähti with milk all over her face
Serious puppy

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Friday, 21 October 2016

cute stuff

It's full on cuteness these days.  The puppies are almost a week old and they are growing fast.  The normal rate is about 10% of their body weight per day but as there is so little competition at the milk bar, they are growing at more like 20% per day.  Big puppies!

Here they were at only 2 days old with Tuuli showing what a wonderful mama she is.

Monday, 17 October 2016


I was blithely whiling away the day at a show in deepest Cornwall where the handsome Loki beat his sister Ulla to Best of Breed and Pastoral Group 2.  Lucky he didn't win Group 1, really, because I would have missed the Best in Show challenge.  As I was packing up to go home, I had a text message from Jay to say that Tuuli had vomited.  Based on past experience, that meant her puppies were coming within hours.  I sent him back a message saying I was on my way.  As I rushed back home, dropping dogs off with their families along the way, Jay called to say that he thought Tuuli was having contractions.  I think I made it home in record time.

I went in the door, had a wash & a change of clothes before going anywhere near Tuuli and then we settled down to wait for the puppies.  We didn't have long to wait before the first one arrived.  It took a very reasonable 2 hours for her to produce the 3 puppies, and then I spent the next several hours waiting for the other 2 to make up the 5 predicted by the ultrasound scan Tuuli had a month ago.

I never argue with nature, because nature knows what's it's doing.  So if Tuuli re-absorbed 2 or even 3 puppies, then I'm just really grateful for the 3 strong, healthy ones.

This bunch were born under the biggest, brightest full moon imaginable, so they will be the "full moon" puppies - "Täysikuu" in Finnish.

First out was the boy with ALL the white - you can't really see it well from the photo, but you will see it better in future pics as he develops.  I think he's going to have markings very much like his dad, so he is going to be called Little Arvo.  Arvo is Finnish for "value" or "worth".

Next out was the girl who is called Tähti, which is Finnish for "star".  She's more black and tan like her mum than black and white but, just to be clear - Little Arvo has the white star on his forehead, not the girl called Star.  Is that confusing enough?

Finally, came the second boy who I think will also have bright markings.   He's going to be called Kuu, Finnish for "moon".



 Welcome, full moon Täysikuu puppies!

Here is the first photo of mama and babies.  Tuuli is enjoying having only 3 puppies so much.