Sunday, 30 August 2015


We had no visitors this weekend for one reason and another.  Considering the weather, it was perhaps just as well!

However, Mark did pop by to drop off some stuff, so while he was here I took advantage of the opportunity to get a little video of the puppies having lunch.  It took all of, what, 35 seconds? 

You get the feeling they like scrambled eggs?

Friday, 28 August 2015

7 weeks old

Busy, busy, busy.

Apart from the pints of stuff that these puppies produce that needs to be cleaned up every 5 minutes, they are also now very fond of ripping things to shreds.  So the puppy pen inside & out is always a complete mess. 

The puppies have been busy socialising this week.  They have all had a little ride in the car and have visited the town centre to meet strangers & get cuddles.   The coming week will be full of more social activities and more car-time as well as vet visits for their eye tests and microchips.

They're pretty much ready for anything.  I hope their owners are.

At long last, there is an Infindigo Facebook group, so if you would like to join us, hop over there:

Sunday, 23 August 2015

photo shoot

Thank you to Mark Treasure for our somewhat rushed photo shoot yesterday.  We managed to grab a few shots between showers and just before it got dark.  More or less.

These puppies will have the middle name "Maila" which is a Finnish word meaning tennis racquet and also a girl's name.  If you're wondering what tennis has to do with these puppies, then have a quick look at the birth announcement.  It also explains where their baby names came from.

As usual, all these names are subject to Kennel Club approval.

Infindigo Maila Siinto
Siinto is a Finnish word meaning "gleaming"

Infindigo Maila Koru
Koru is a Finnish word meaning "jewel"

Infindigo Maila Loki
Loki is the Norse god of mischief

Infindigo Maila Ulla
Ulla is a Scandanavian girl's name

Infindigo Maila Jaakoppi
Jaakoppi is a Finnish boy's name

Saturday, 22 August 2015

6 weeks old

Admitting defeat here.  I won't go into the series of catastrophes that we had this week, let's just say it culminated in the fridge dying yesterday (or in fact sometime before yesterday) so that we had to throw away more or less all the food inside (and clean up a rather big mess).  A quick prod later and it's in perfect working order again now.  Ever get the feeling someone is conspiring against you?

Or perhaps the culmination was actually Keskiyo getting up for a poo three times in the night last night because he had a rather wonderful fresh bone yesterday.  If you don't keep up with the fresh bones, then when they do have one, it does have this unfortunate effect.  Keep up with the fresh bones, people!

Or - horror of horrors - the culmination is yet to come!  Don't even go there.

Anyway, yesterday's photo shoot was a rather hurried affair.  And it was raining or drizzling all day so the light was terrible too.  Cue some truly awful photos!  But better than nothing, is what I'm hoping.  Right?  Right??

It has been just about all decided which puppy is going where.  I have given a choice to one person because her family has had a looooong wait for this day.  As soon as they choose, the rest will fall into place, so to speak.  Then I will be able to reveal all the names as well.  And the best news is that Mark and Jane will be visiting today and we have a photo shoot on the cards, so I'm hoping for some really terrific shots for the name-reveal.

Of course, it would help enormously if it stopped raining sometime before they get here...

Thursday, 20 August 2015


Took a little post-lunch video a few days ago before it started raining.  Somehow forgot to post it.  Six-week pics tomorrow.

Sunday, 16 August 2015


The Juhla puppies are almost 8 months old now.  They have all their adult teeth, have outgrown the adorable fluffy puppy stage and are well and truly in the throes of the gangly era where they are big puppies looking nothing like mature adult dogs yet.  Oh, and they don't act like mature adult dogs yet either.

This is the age when the naughtiness starts to surface.  They start to be come a bit more independent and brave and they also begin to test the rules.  The testing occasionally extends to one's patience ... and the patience of their older doggie brothers, as you can see in the funny video of Malaki below tormenting the long-suffering and incredibly patient Shadow.  Mally is so very much like his sweet mum Tuuli who, it has been said, is a lot like her sweet dad.  Sadly I've never met him, but I have seen the photos and videos, and take it from me, he's an adorable clown.

Good boy Mally

Punching boy

Shadow taking the brunt of a bit more punching from Mally.


Next gangly teenager report is from Niko.  Niko is not naughty.  No, no, you're wrong, I'm pretty sure he's the well-behaved one.  After all, he doesn't look naughty, right?  Huh?  I'm sure I don't know what you mean.

See?  Such a good boy

Niko on a stump chair
Niko & friends

The third boy is Tux.  I can't even pretend that he's not naughty because the evidence is published elsewhere on a regular basis.  However, he looks angelic enough in these photos.  Another boy who is the image of his mum.  There is also a video of Tux & Karhu playing at the beach.  Perhaps the presence of the training line gives a hint of the greatest challenge an 8-month-old Finnish Lapphund puppy presents. 

Pretty boy in the park
Sandy boy at the beach

Cuddled up with Karhu

Then there are the girls.  First of all, Kaija.  She has stayed here a couple of times now and I can confirm that she is indeed a good girl.  Sweet, well behaved, quiet, plays nicely with children & other dogs.  Pulls like a train on her lead.  All par for the course at this age.

Kaija being a good girl on the sofa

Kaija also has a RAWR!  And so does Mason
Kaija at her first show

Finally, Eevi.  Right from birth, she looked like a feminine version of Niko, and she still does.  Oh, and she definitely inherited the waterbaby gene.

Eevi being angelic



Friday, 14 August 2015

5 weeks old

The puppies are 5 weeks old already.  I know I say it everytime, and I know that the time drags for their new owners, but the weeks since they were born have just flown by for me.  I dare say it's been rather slower for Jane & Mark waiting for Emmi to come back home.

There has been a multitude of visitors already, including a big posse of children of various ages.  The puppies have been thoroughly cuddle-tested, and this week they will start venturing out into the big world for little car trips and visits to the town centre.  And then there is the worming which is due again now.  At least there will be scrambled eggs to lessen the trauma this time. 

The photo shoot was tricky this morning.  I must publish some of the out-takes sometime.