Thursday, 31 December 2009

in with the new

I declare the new Infindigo website 'open'!

At last.

It's up and running, although there's still some work to do. There are a couple of dead links here and there and I'm hoping to eventually publish a page for every Infindigo dog bred, but at the moment I'm not sure I've got quite enough space in my hosting package. Plus, that constitutes as much work again as I've already done... so, y'know, we'll see about that one.

In the meantime, go check it out and link to me:

And I would be remiss if I didn't take this opportunity to wish all our readers a very happy and healthy new year, full of all the wonderful things that puppies bring without any of the crap.

Monday, 28 December 2009

muddiest walk

Apart from slipping on the ice & whacking my head on the 23rd, we've had some wonderful walks over the past couple of weeks. When the rain finally stopped and it got cold it was ideal walking weather and, of course, the dogs have been loving it.

You would think all these pleasant walks would be good opportunities to get dog photos, wouldn't you? As will always now happen to me this time of year, I'm desperately trying to get photos appropriate for the SFLS Yearbook. We went to a show a couple of weeks ago and although I didn't take any of the dogs into the ring (it's a long story), I did manage to bag a rendezvous for Keskiyo with the Dog World photographer on site. Luckily he was looking fab at the time and so I've got a good image for his Yearbook page.

I didn't have time to do similarly with Neka & Maija before leaving the show so I've been trying to get pics of them ever since. *sigh* Neka hasn't quite got her full coat, so any photo of her will only be ok. Here is a sample of my attempts to get a pretty shot in the bracken of Maija the Ever Moving Target.

You get the idea (and, yes, that is her bottom disappearing out of shot at the bottom of the 3rd one).

So yesterday we drove to Taika & Kaija's neighbourhood which is almost exactly halfway between us and Rauhan. There we all met with full families and, because all the pretty frost has melted, had the muddiest walk imaginable in Greyfield Wood. I'm hoping I managed to get a better photo with Kate's camera after mine died. Here's my 'best' attempt.

People L-R: Isabelle, Jerome, Emily, Jane, Jay, Adrian (with Dorothy on his back)
Dogs L-R: Taika, Neka, Kaija, Maija (with Keskiyo behind), Rauhan

What is everyone looking at, you may be wondering? They are watching Emma try to catch Sukka, who escaped. Ah, what japes. Anyhow, just have a look at the colour of the dogs - particularly Maija's formerly white legs.

Sunday, 20 December 2009


Boring weather discussion alert.

All over the UK there have been unusually happy Lappies these last few days. Yup, it's been snowing a-plenty. But not here. And while that's just fine by me, I'm sure the dogs are feeling hard done by when they hear about what their friends and relatives have been up to.

They've been enjoying the temperature in the garden, though, and skidding around on the patio-turned-ice-rink. If you're a long-time reader of this blog, you might remember Keskiyo lounging on the frozen pond last winter. Yesterday he dropped his tennis ball "into" the pond and was delighted to find that it didn't sink. It was very amusing watching him gingerly testing the ice to see if it would hold his weight - and almost falling in head-first when it didn't.

He's pretty sure he can reach it if he just tries hard enough.

And speaking of cold, a couple of weeks ago we met up with Jo, George & Tarkka for a defiant walk on the beach because we were all fed up to the teeth with the endless weeks of rain, rubbish walks and soggy dogs. Apart from the ferocious wind and horizontal sleety rain, it was a great, although it did take some hunting to find a bit of beach on which to walk as the tide was in. But, Lappies being what they are, thought the disgusting weather was just fab, thank you very much, and even had a paddle or two in the water. Brrr!

Tarkka enjoying the wind blowing rain in his face

And having a paddle

Monday, 14 December 2009

still here

ho hum

But I guess everyone concerned is quite glad we won't be descending on someone's family christmas accompanied by a dog with an agenda.

In the meantime, here is a cute photo of Albmi's sire, Orso-Farm Caamos, that Stephanie took last year. What a sweet fluff ball he is.

Monday, 30 November 2009


Any day, any day at all now, Taika will come into season. And when she does Kate & I are taking her to France to meet this handsome fellow for a romantic assignation.

Lapinlumon Albmi

Photo: St
├ęphanie Dubois

His parents are Dk Ch Lapinlumon Kiiski and Orso-Farm Caamos (whose photos you can see if you scroll about 1/3 of the way down the list on this page) and I originally found him when I was researching the offspring of Kiiski, who I just love, love, love the look of. It just so happened that he lives conveniently in southern France instead of somewhere rather more difficult to get to with dog in tow, like Denmark or Finland. What luck!

So, when will Taika come into season? Well, that is anyone's guess, unfortunately, as she doesn't share her mother's regular hormonal cycles and has historically had her seasons whenever she felt like it. Seemingly. I can see a trip to celebrate No├źl in my future.

And what colour will the puppies be? Again, that's pretty much anyone's guess. Taika is brown tricolour from two black tricolour parents and Albmi is wolf sable from one wolf sable parent and one black & tan who carried the recessive gene for brown. Therefore, there is a good chance that Albmi also carries that gene - and looking at the colour of his coat, he looks as though there might be some brown in there. However, we won't know until he produces a brown puppy. So Taika's litter might turn out black tricolour, brown tricolour, wolf sable or brown sable. But my money is on wolf sables and brown tricolours, if that means anything (which it doesn't, really). But it will be very interesting to find out.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Inko visit

At the moment Paula & Adam are having one or two little changes to their home decor. Ahem.

Anyway, while they have moved out, Inko has come to stay with us and it's been fun & games pretty much non-stop from first light to lights out. Did I say fun? Well, fun for the Lappies, anyway. For us, it's pretty tiring sometimes. You would think they would wear each other out, but long after Keskiyo & Neka have given up, the 2 youngsters are still going strong. Maija will miss her so much when she goes back home - perhaps I'll send her to stay in Surrey for a few weeks in return...

Here they are on the way home from a walk.

L-R: Maija, Keskiyo, Inko

And this is any typical evening.

Maija on top

Just to prove that Maija's not always the one stirring up trouble, in this one she only wants to go to sleep. No chance!

Saturday, 31 October 2009

happy halloween

I don't have any cute festive dog photos, but my friend Karen certainly does. Check out adorable Taivas doing her pumpkin impersonation.

And here are Jedi and Ahsoka doing their bit to celebrate in Australia.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Tarmo visit

A few weeks ago Stacey & Shane stopped by with Tarmo for an hour on their way home from holiday in Cornwall. It was wonderful to see them all - especially as we hadn't seen Tarmo since he left home more than a year ago. He and Maija had a great time playing together, although it was more or less impossible to get a photo of that. Nonetheless, I did get a couple of still shots in the car park before they left.

Having a cuddle with Shane

And, lo & behold, check out his side saddle sit:

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Oh, there are few things more pathetic looking than a bald Lappy. Yet, with agonising regularity they have an enormous moult and lose all their undercoat - and sometimes most of their topcoat as well. Witness poor little Maija. She will, perhaps, never forgive me for publishing this terrible photo of her looking her absolute worst. But the good news is that it grows back better than ever. Eventually.

Monday, 26 October 2009

congratulations the SFLS. We are so proud to have won 1st prize in the Dog World / Midland Counties competition for our wonderful Yearbook 2009 and quarterly newsletter, Lappy Tails. If you haven't joined the Society already, then don't miss another issue of our award-winning publication! You can download a membership form here.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

thank you

We've had so many lovely messages about Annie from so many people. Thank you all. I know there is nothing to say on these sad occasions, but it really has helped to know how much she touched the lives of so many.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Goodbye to Anniebear


? 1998 – 28 Sep 2009
A day I never wanted to face has arrived and we have had to say goodbye to our beloved Akita, Annie. So gentle, and so beautiful, she won admirers everywhere she went.
Annie came to us early in 2005 when Neka was less than a year old. We weren't looking for another dog, but a chance long wait in the vet's office brought her to us when she arrived for treatment with an RSPCA handler. We looked at her and she looked at us and we went straight to the RSPCA centre to 'reserve' her, even though they hadn't yet assessed the severity of her hip dysplasia or even whether she would be suitable for re-homing.

Over the next 2 weeks we visited her everyday and took her for walks, getting to know her and trying to determine whether a 33 kilo, middle-aged abandoned Akita could fit in with us, with Neka and with our 2 cats. We need not have worried.
After the first few visits, she would be waiting for me and would drag her handler through the door to greet me. After our walks, she would quietly sit at my feet. One day she headed straight for our van and tried to hop in. It was just right, and so in February she came home with us and immediately claimed her den under the stairs.
We did get off to a slightly shaky start. During the first night she decided she didn't want to stay in the kitchen so with one yank she uninstalled the cat flap from the door. From time to time she also displayed an alarming talent for simply breaking out of metal crates. She never wanted to actually go anywhere, so long as she was with us she was happy.
I had done a lot of reading about Akitas and had sought advice from a few experienced owners and breeders, so we were careful with her at first, learning to read her body language and cautiously approaching introducing her to the cats and to other dogs. Pretty soon she was walking off lead all the time and was beautifully behaved and always eager to please – at least when she wasn't having one of her stubborn moments. At a dog show campground, someone once called “Look out, there's an Akita loose!” Many people leapt to attention to help until someone laughed and said “Oh, it's only Annie.”

At first, as she rolled around on the floor having her tummy scratched, I was afraid when she would open her enormous mouth wide and roll her eyes at me. Sensing my nervousness, she would open that mouth even wider until it was almost big enough to fit a human head. It took me a while to realise that this ferocious looking expression was her soft face and the more nervous I felt, the 'softer' she would make it to put me at ease.

She was great with all people and animals, and so patient with the puppies. However, she did demand her due respect from other dogs. If any dog ever took advantage, she would go up on her toes, head and tail held high as if to say, 'You do know I'm an Akita, right?' and that was all it took. Once, when I was having a crisis with a screaming puppy caught in barbed wire in a field, Annie immediately assessed the situation and stood guard at the gate of the field, letting no person or dog enter until the crisis had passed.
Letting them go when the time comes is the last important act of love you perform for them. You owe it to them to make sure there is no needless suffering, but still I didn't think I could go through with it. In the end, she told us that she had had enough and it was time to go – she stopped eating and didn't even try to get to her feet anymore.
I will miss her during thunder storms when she would seek me out, not because she was disturbed for herself, but to protect me. I will miss her when I'm sitting in the garden during summer evenings when she would stretch out next to my chair on the cool stones. I will miss her on woodland walks where she would suddenly revert to puppyhood to chase the squirrells. And I will miss her everyday lying on her back, feet in the air, snoring next to my desk at work.
I'm so grateful to the wonderful staff at St David's Vet Hospital in Exeter who care for all our animals, and cared for Anniebear right to the end. I was so touched that the nurse who treated Annie the very first time she came in from the RSPCA came again today to assist the vet and say goodbye as well.
Run free, my bear, without pain, and we'll look forward to seeing you again on the other side.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

first infindigo best of breed

Oh, how proud are we today!

Yesterday at the Scottish Kennel Club show in Edinburgh, Karhu won Best of Breed, making him the first Infindigo bred dog to ever do so at a champ show. We are thrilled, thrilled, thrilled.

Neka and Keskiyo (not Infindigo bred, obviously, but of my clan nonetheless) have both won a few Reserve Best of Sex, Best Opposite Sex and Best Rare Breed. Karhu's brother Taito had Reserve Best Dog, young Tarkka has won several Reserve Best Dog, and Keksi has won Best Rare Breed. But, this Best of Breed is the very first for us, so it's a bit special.

And I get the impression Wendy is pretty proud too, according to her big grin in this lovely portrait taken after the show. And no wonder - she has worked so hard with him and I'm delighted she's won top honours with him.

I must say, I do like the tartan rosettes and ribbons the SKC always award at their shows.

And here's the winning team strutting their stuff representing the Lapphunds in the big group ring. Knowing how nervous Wendy gets in a normal show ring, I can imagine how she felt on this stage.

Wondering what all the fuss is about, here's Karhu doing what he does best - looking adorable as he peeks out the top of his crate.

Monday, 24 August 2009


And here's what some Lappies have been up to lately. Many, many thanks to those who sent me updated photos & many, many thanks to those whose photos I have shamelessly stolen. If one of these belongs to you, let me know & I'll take it down ... or at least give you credit!

I love this photo of Karhu cleaning his paws.

Tarkka thinks his funky new sun deck is great.

Taito thinks agility is all well & good just so long as he can reach the treats.

Inko hanging with the seaweed while on holiday.

For lots more cute pics of Inko on holiday, plus some funny videos, have a look at Paula & Adam's Flickr site.

And this is one of the things frequently occurring in my house.

Keskiyo & Maija goofing around.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

choosing a photo - or not

I seem to remember I had a similar problem last year. The SFLS calendar calling for cute photos and me scrambling around trying to get one or two to submit. Last year I was fortunate to have 9 adorable puppies here to pose and I did manage to get one pic chosen to appear in the 2009 calendar. However, that was very much due to the cuteness of the puppies and very much not to do with the quality of the picture.

This year I'm at a bit of a loss. I don't have the interest or skill of my many photographically minded pals and that leaves me rather short on calendar-worthy photos.

This one, maybe?

Oh well, I'm sure there will be plenty to choose from. In the meantime, here are a few shots I've blatantly stolen from my friends who kindly snapped a few at the Bournemouth champ show where Tarkka was awarded another Reserve Best Dog and Taika won her large class. Yay, team!

Tarkka doing his 'yeah, I'm gorgeous' face.

Rauhan getting the hang of this showing thing. You can see by the new slimline shape why Adrian panicked when he watched all that coat disappear down the plug hole after giving the fluffy boy a bath just before the show. And that's why we don't bathe show dogs just before a show. Uh huh - especially when they're moulting.

Taika with her eye firmly on the prize.

Inko the pro showdog.

Taito didn't make it, but Keksi was also there, but alas I have no photos and can find none to steal.

At this show, for the only the third time, I had enough Infindigo dogs present to enter the breeder competition (it requires 4). And, for only the second time, I remembered to enter. And as I entered the only breeder team, I won. Yay, team, again!

Friday, 31 July 2009

happy birthdays

On 13 June, Neka's first litter turned 2 years old. Although they all received one of Jacquie Lawson's lovely & entertaining ecards, the event hasn't yet had a mention on here. So, without any further ado, I'd like to wish a happy belated birthday to mine & Neka's firstborn pups (in order of time of birth): Koda, Taika, Karhu, Diesel, Taito, Keksi & Torvi.

In honour of the event, we travelled up to the Bath area to meet with a few of them and some of the newer generation for a walk and had a great time in the forest (and the pub afterwards, needless to say). I forgot my camera, and although a few photos were taken, I have yet to manage to prise one away from anyone. If I ever get a pic, you'll be the first to know, bien sur.

And 1 year ago today the Devon Nine were born, becoming the largest litter of Lapphunds born in the UK to date. Today is also the one-year anniversary of the start of this blog, designed to give the waiting families (and assorted other Lappy-mad and puppy-mad folks) a daily update on the puppies' progress. So, a very happy 1st birthday to them all: Jaana, Tarmo, Jaska, Maija, Rauhan, Kaija, Viivi, and the 2 surprises who arrived while I was in the shower, thinking the whole thing had finished, Tarkka & Inko.

A few of us managed to meet today in south Devon to celebrate at the un-aptly named Slapton Sands, a wide, steep beach of slippery, shoe-sucking shingle. As far as walks go, it was a bit on the short side as the humans found the terrain pretty hard going and the sky grew ever darker with rain clouds that eventually started to empty onto us as we got back to the car park. However, what the walk lacked in distance & length it more than made up for in strenuousness and quality of the company.

Happily, Jo was on hand with her camera, so watch this space. In the meantime, here are a couple I managed to snag.

Taika lounging elegantly before the walk.

Inko, Neka & Tarkka having a paddle.

Inko & Tarkka on the way home.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Keskiyo's kids

Before Keskiyo became dad to Maija & her siblings, he sired a litter of puppies with Neka's sister, Suvi (Elbereth Huvi for Arianrhod) who is owned by Vikki & Trevor. Those pups will be 2 years old at the beginning of October.

Inexplicably I don't have a photo of Minna, but she looks quite a lot like her auntie, Keskiyo's sister Curly (Elbereth Suvi at Cochochr). Equally, I don't have a recent pic of the boy that Vikki & Trevor kept, Ripa, but I did manage to get a quick shot of him at Crufts in March.

This is one of the other boys from that litter, Kukko, who went to live with Jill. Many thanks to Louise & Simon at Dogs to Stay for permission to use their photo.

Sweet boy looking so much like both his parents. I hear he has a lovely nature and is very large! I'd love to see that, considering his dad is more on the compact side. I must sometime try to make it to a walk where Jill & Kukko will be. Like so many of the UK Lapphunds, they live quite a way from me.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009


All the dogs in this house are playful to some extent or another. Even Anniebear will have a little (very brief) game first thing in the morning, given the right motivation. However, there comes a time when the older dogs just want to chill, and at those times what's an energetic puppy to do? Entertain herself, that's what. This is currently Maija's favorite solo game.

We find it endless entertaining to watch Maija chasing her tail and I know from past experience that she will grow out of this endearing game. So we're enjoying it while we can and I'm so glad we did manage to capture the evidence on camera.

We were quite lucky to get that little video, really, because this is what Maija usually does when the camera comes out. Just seconds before filming started she was spinning on the spot and doing zoomies all around the room. Then she jumped straight up onto the sofa.

Now, I don't mind admitting I'm a little embarrassed by the state of our carpet in the videos. We're definitely going through a twice-daily-vacuum phase at the moment. Without a doubt there is a hard, uncarpeted, easy-t0-clean floor in our future. But for now, Annie's coat is still in full blow and Maija has just started her first ever moult. Aw, I'm so proud. And be-furred.

Maija will lose her puppy coat now and grow her first adult coat which will get progressively thicker and heavier over a couple of years with each moult as she matures. Like her mum, the first hint of plugs of undercoat loosening have appeared on her thighs:

The loose fur will spread upward and outward (and downward onto the floor, needless to say) and I expect she'll lose it last around her neck and shoulders. By that time it will be re-growing, with a bit of luck.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

visiting Viivi & the cousins

Early in June Jay and I, together with the 4 dogs, descended upon Jay's parents in Surrey for a weekend visit. While we were in the neighbourhood, I brazenly invited us around to see Sherralee & Dave. You see, that's what happens when you have an Infindigo puppy, I keep popping up from time to time, camera in hand, to say hi.

S & D were very gracious & welcoming and offered to take us all on one of their favorite walks, a wonderful location for energetic Lappies through fields and woodland. It really is a great place and next time we'll invite all the local Lappies we can find.

On this occasion, Liz came too with her bunch. Liz bred Viivi's adopted big brother Jaska and has his sister Sisko. It was fantastic that both Viivi & Jaska were able to go for a walk with BOTH their parents and a sibling each! I can't imagine anyone else having that opportunity.

So we were quite a large, eye-catching bunch with 9 FLs, a German Spitz Klein (like a tiny Lappy) and Akita Annie (like a giant Lappy).

Here is one photo of the whole gang followed by an Infindigo family group pic. Sadly, Anniebear kept wandering out of shot. The intrepid men holding the worst wiggling offenders are Dave & Jay while we girls got busy with the cameras.

Front-Back L-R: Zinty (German Spitz Klein), Peppi, Viivi, Tuukka (with daughter Sisko hiding behind him), Jaska, Smuu, Maija (hiding her face), Neka, Keskiyo

L-R: Viivi, Maija, Neka, Keskiyo

Monday, 13 July 2009

a few puppies

I've had a few photos keeping me up-to-date on the progess of the pups. This from Stacey & Shane of Tarmo giving a very good impression of his dad's adorable melting expression.

And here he is with Inko when they met for a walk in a location blessed with a great deal of orange sand - Lappy heaven! At last, Tarmo has grown bigger than his sister. There was a time I was wondering whether he would ever grow into his paws, but look at him now.

Many thanks to Paula for supplying me with fodder for the blog. For pics of Inko enjoying her electric fan during our little heatwave, you'll have to visit her blog.

A few days before meeting up with Tarmo, Inko had Tarkka to stay overnight, and it looks like they had a ball. I cannot believe how much like his dad Tarkka is beginning to look.

Looking like they've finally tired themselves out... or, at least, taking a little break:

Sunday, 12 July 2009

show updates

How behind am I? Oops!

Here's a quick run-down of what's been happening for the Infindigo gang at the summer shows:

Southern Counties
Always a fun show because we are granted a Finnish judge and also have rare breeds classes in addition to breed classes. The rare breed judge, Karina Le Mare, wasn't much of a fan of Lapphunds, apparently, and those entered got a few unremarkable places, the best of which was Rauhan's 2nd in Puppy Dog and another 2nd in Junior Dog.

Rauhan also took Best Puppy in Breed under Pekka Teini and Taito got his first Reserve Best Dog behind his dad who was also Best of Breed.

Three Counties
I missed this show, but it was a great day for Tarkka under judge Zena Thorne Andrews. He was not only Best Puppy in Breed, but also Reserve Best Dog, his second already and he's not even a year old yet!

Another Best Puppy for Tarkka under judge Jenny Weetch.

And another for Tarkka under judge Stuart Mallard.

East of England
I fully intended to get to this show this year, even though it's like trying to get to the moon from here. However, events conspired against me (including, ahem, forgetting to enter...) and so I was waiting at home for the lovely news that Inko was Best Puppy. And on one of her few outings this year, Keksi was 2nd in Postgrad Bitch making her another addition to my list of Crufts qualifiers.

Go team!

Saturday, 6 June 2009

garden update

As reported, we're off to Surrey for the weekend, but by the magic of pre-scheduling, I bring you a brief update of the garden for those who have been asking.

It's slightly shaming how long it has taken me to accomplish so little. C'est la vie. Luckily I'm not easily embarrassed. The fact is, I don't have bags of free time and I with my back being quite a bit on the tricky side, I can only do so much digging at once. The soil here is pure clay and is as heavy and impacted as concrete; in fact, we're less than 5 miles from China clay pits that have been mined for hundreds of years and once belonged to Wedgewood.

That explains why the clay in my garden is strong enough to withstand a pickaxe. It would be outstanding on a potter's wheel, I'm sure. In my spade, however, it's a very different story. And you have to feel sorry for the plants that try to stick their roots down into it. Over the 5 or so years we have lived in this house I must have planted more than 200 bulbs - daffodils, lilies, assorted other things. To date I have about 6 daffodils that come up each year.

So, before I could plant anything, I had to dig in loads of grit and compost to try and make it a better habitat for plants. All through the winter, this border was a pond. The water just didn't drain. It would have made an excellent teacup.

So, section by section I dug in a bunch of stuff in an effort to improve the drainage. And as I prepared each section, I planted it up with a combination of plants I rescued from my garden before the builders moved in that over-wintered in pots, plants kindly donated by Jay's mum, and new things I bought especially. I'm a fern fan and keep picking them up when I see a nice one. Has there been a plan to my planting? Of course not. I've just been pretty much sticking stuff in and see what happens.

You may remember, this is how it looked over the winter.

This much took me about a week of dedicated morning & evening work:

A little more:

A couple of months on, it's been doing some growing.

I haven't quite finished that stretch yet, but I'm very impressed that for the first year ever I've managed to rear all my baby fuchsias into proper grown-up flowering plants. I just need to get them into the ground now.

And, as you can see, the other side of the patio still looks like this. So, there is still plenty to keep me occupied.

But I do have a question. Why is it that my carefully chosen selection of clematis, all different types and colours (according to the pictures on their labels) all turned out to be pink?

Thursday, 4 June 2009

bath (the dog show, that is)

Every year I say I won't enter the Bath Champ show because the weather is invariably disgusting; cold, windy and unbelievably wet & muddy. This year, however, I had to go because several of my puppies would be there, including Kaija making her debut. And, wow, were we blessed with the weather! It was sunny & blazing hot. We started out set up outside in the shade of the benching tent, but soon had to move in so that the Lappies wouldn't all melt away.

Keskiyo's lovely sister Curly (Elbereth Suvi at Cochochr) got her first Best of Breed. I'm sure it won't be her last, though, as she's a beautiful Lapphund. Taika was 3rd and Keksi 5th in the large Postgrad Bitch class. Tarkka racked up another Best Puppy in Breed and went on to represent the Lappies in the Puppy Group once again. And Kaija got best puppy bitch and has qualified for Crufts.

It was so much fun showing her, even though she was a teeny bit embarrassing, refusing to show the judge her teeth. Oops. That's always the toughest part for the pups, I think. Jane and Joe have gone off resolved to practice some more. Who knows? Once of these days perhaps Joe will have the nerve to take her in himself. Well, perhaps when she's a bit more used to the whole thing, anyway.

Here they all are in a rare still moment. Unfortunately, Daniel had to leave immediately after coming out of the ring so Keksi is missing from the group. Again, I don't have permission from any of these people to post their photo, so let me know if you object & I'll edit it straightaway.

L-R: Paula & Inko, Jay & Maija, Jo & Tarkka, Isabelle & Taika, Emily next to Kaija with Joe (Apologies for chopping your head off, Joe!)