Thursday, 31 December 2009

in with the new

I declare the new Infindigo website 'open'!

At last.

It's up and running, although there's still some work to do. There are a couple of dead links here and there and I'm hoping to eventually publish a page for every Infindigo dog bred, but at the moment I'm not sure I've got quite enough space in my hosting package. Plus, that constitutes as much work again as I've already done... so, y'know, we'll see about that one.

In the meantime, go check it out and link to me:

And I would be remiss if I didn't take this opportunity to wish all our readers a very happy and healthy new year, full of all the wonderful things that puppies bring without any of the crap.

Monday, 28 December 2009

muddiest walk

Apart from slipping on the ice & whacking my head on the 23rd, we've had some wonderful walks over the past couple of weeks. When the rain finally stopped and it got cold it was ideal walking weather and, of course, the dogs have been loving it.

You would think all these pleasant walks would be good opportunities to get dog photos, wouldn't you? As will always now happen to me this time of year, I'm desperately trying to get photos appropriate for the SFLS Yearbook. We went to a show a couple of weeks ago and although I didn't take any of the dogs into the ring (it's a long story), I did manage to bag a rendezvous for Keskiyo with the Dog World photographer on site. Luckily he was looking fab at the time and so I've got a good image for his Yearbook page.

I didn't have time to do similarly with Neka & Maija before leaving the show so I've been trying to get pics of them ever since. *sigh* Neka hasn't quite got her full coat, so any photo of her will only be ok. Here is a sample of my attempts to get a pretty shot in the bracken of Maija the Ever Moving Target.

You get the idea (and, yes, that is her bottom disappearing out of shot at the bottom of the 3rd one).

So yesterday we drove to Taika & Kaija's neighbourhood which is almost exactly halfway between us and Rauhan. There we all met with full families and, because all the pretty frost has melted, had the muddiest walk imaginable in Greyfield Wood. I'm hoping I managed to get a better photo with Kate's camera after mine died. Here's my 'best' attempt.

People L-R: Isabelle, Jerome, Emily, Jane, Jay, Adrian (with Dorothy on his back)
Dogs L-R: Taika, Neka, Kaija, Maija (with Keskiyo behind), Rauhan

What is everyone looking at, you may be wondering? They are watching Emma try to catch Sukka, who escaped. Ah, what japes. Anyhow, just have a look at the colour of the dogs - particularly Maija's formerly white legs.

Sunday, 20 December 2009


Boring weather discussion alert.

All over the UK there have been unusually happy Lappies these last few days. Yup, it's been snowing a-plenty. But not here. And while that's just fine by me, I'm sure the dogs are feeling hard done by when they hear about what their friends and relatives have been up to.

They've been enjoying the temperature in the garden, though, and skidding around on the patio-turned-ice-rink. If you're a long-time reader of this blog, you might remember Keskiyo lounging on the frozen pond last winter. Yesterday he dropped his tennis ball "into" the pond and was delighted to find that it didn't sink. It was very amusing watching him gingerly testing the ice to see if it would hold his weight - and almost falling in head-first when it didn't.

He's pretty sure he can reach it if he just tries hard enough.

And speaking of cold, a couple of weeks ago we met up with Jo, George & Tarkka for a defiant walk on the beach because we were all fed up to the teeth with the endless weeks of rain, rubbish walks and soggy dogs. Apart from the ferocious wind and horizontal sleety rain, it was a great, although it did take some hunting to find a bit of beach on which to walk as the tide was in. But, Lappies being what they are, thought the disgusting weather was just fab, thank you very much, and even had a paddle or two in the water. Brrr!

Tarkka enjoying the wind blowing rain in his face

And having a paddle

Monday, 14 December 2009

still here

ho hum

But I guess everyone concerned is quite glad we won't be descending on someone's family christmas accompanied by a dog with an agenda.

In the meantime, here is a cute photo of Albmi's sire, Orso-Farm Caamos, that Stephanie took last year. What a sweet fluff ball he is.