Friday, 31 July 2009

happy birthdays

On 13 June, Neka's first litter turned 2 years old. Although they all received one of Jacquie Lawson's lovely & entertaining ecards, the event hasn't yet had a mention on here. So, without any further ado, I'd like to wish a happy belated birthday to mine & Neka's firstborn pups (in order of time of birth): Koda, Taika, Karhu, Diesel, Taito, Keksi & Torvi.

In honour of the event, we travelled up to the Bath area to meet with a few of them and some of the newer generation for a walk and had a great time in the forest (and the pub afterwards, needless to say). I forgot my camera, and although a few photos were taken, I have yet to manage to prise one away from anyone. If I ever get a pic, you'll be the first to know, bien sur.

And 1 year ago today the Devon Nine were born, becoming the largest litter of Lapphunds born in the UK to date. Today is also the one-year anniversary of the start of this blog, designed to give the waiting families (and assorted other Lappy-mad and puppy-mad folks) a daily update on the puppies' progress. So, a very happy 1st birthday to them all: Jaana, Tarmo, Jaska, Maija, Rauhan, Kaija, Viivi, and the 2 surprises who arrived while I was in the shower, thinking the whole thing had finished, Tarkka & Inko.

A few of us managed to meet today in south Devon to celebrate at the un-aptly named Slapton Sands, a wide, steep beach of slippery, shoe-sucking shingle. As far as walks go, it was a bit on the short side as the humans found the terrain pretty hard going and the sky grew ever darker with rain clouds that eventually started to empty onto us as we got back to the car park. However, what the walk lacked in distance & length it more than made up for in strenuousness and quality of the company.

Happily, Jo was on hand with her camera, so watch this space. In the meantime, here are a couple I managed to snag.

Taika lounging elegantly before the walk.

Inko, Neka & Tarkka having a paddle.

Inko & Tarkka on the way home.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Keskiyo's kids

Before Keskiyo became dad to Maija & her siblings, he sired a litter of puppies with Neka's sister, Suvi (Elbereth Huvi for Arianrhod) who is owned by Vikki & Trevor. Those pups will be 2 years old at the beginning of October.

Inexplicably I don't have a photo of Minna, but she looks quite a lot like her auntie, Keskiyo's sister Curly (Elbereth Suvi at Cochochr). Equally, I don't have a recent pic of the boy that Vikki & Trevor kept, Ripa, but I did manage to get a quick shot of him at Crufts in March.

This is one of the other boys from that litter, Kukko, who went to live with Jill. Many thanks to Louise & Simon at Dogs to Stay for permission to use their photo.

Sweet boy looking so much like both his parents. I hear he has a lovely nature and is very large! I'd love to see that, considering his dad is more on the compact side. I must sometime try to make it to a walk where Jill & Kukko will be. Like so many of the UK Lapphunds, they live quite a way from me.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009


All the dogs in this house are playful to some extent or another. Even Anniebear will have a little (very brief) game first thing in the morning, given the right motivation. However, there comes a time when the older dogs just want to chill, and at those times what's an energetic puppy to do? Entertain herself, that's what. This is currently Maija's favorite solo game.

We find it endless entertaining to watch Maija chasing her tail and I know from past experience that she will grow out of this endearing game. So we're enjoying it while we can and I'm so glad we did manage to capture the evidence on camera.

We were quite lucky to get that little video, really, because this is what Maija usually does when the camera comes out. Just seconds before filming started she was spinning on the spot and doing zoomies all around the room. Then she jumped straight up onto the sofa.

Now, I don't mind admitting I'm a little embarrassed by the state of our carpet in the videos. We're definitely going through a twice-daily-vacuum phase at the moment. Without a doubt there is a hard, uncarpeted, easy-t0-clean floor in our future. But for now, Annie's coat is still in full blow and Maija has just started her first ever moult. Aw, I'm so proud. And be-furred.

Maija will lose her puppy coat now and grow her first adult coat which will get progressively thicker and heavier over a couple of years with each moult as she matures. Like her mum, the first hint of plugs of undercoat loosening have appeared on her thighs:

The loose fur will spread upward and outward (and downward onto the floor, needless to say) and I expect she'll lose it last around her neck and shoulders. By that time it will be re-growing, with a bit of luck.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

visiting Viivi & the cousins

Early in June Jay and I, together with the 4 dogs, descended upon Jay's parents in Surrey for a weekend visit. While we were in the neighbourhood, I brazenly invited us around to see Sherralee & Dave. You see, that's what happens when you have an Infindigo puppy, I keep popping up from time to time, camera in hand, to say hi.

S & D were very gracious & welcoming and offered to take us all on one of their favorite walks, a wonderful location for energetic Lappies through fields and woodland. It really is a great place and next time we'll invite all the local Lappies we can find.

On this occasion, Liz came too with her bunch. Liz bred Viivi's adopted big brother Jaska and has his sister Sisko. It was fantastic that both Viivi & Jaska were able to go for a walk with BOTH their parents and a sibling each! I can't imagine anyone else having that opportunity.

So we were quite a large, eye-catching bunch with 9 FLs, a German Spitz Klein (like a tiny Lappy) and Akita Annie (like a giant Lappy).

Here is one photo of the whole gang followed by an Infindigo family group pic. Sadly, Anniebear kept wandering out of shot. The intrepid men holding the worst wiggling offenders are Dave & Jay while we girls got busy with the cameras.

Front-Back L-R: Zinty (German Spitz Klein), Peppi, Viivi, Tuukka (with daughter Sisko hiding behind him), Jaska, Smuu, Maija (hiding her face), Neka, Keskiyo

L-R: Viivi, Maija, Neka, Keskiyo

Monday, 13 July 2009

a few puppies

I've had a few photos keeping me up-to-date on the progess of the pups. This from Stacey & Shane of Tarmo giving a very good impression of his dad's adorable melting expression.

And here he is with Inko when they met for a walk in a location blessed with a great deal of orange sand - Lappy heaven! At last, Tarmo has grown bigger than his sister. There was a time I was wondering whether he would ever grow into his paws, but look at him now.

Many thanks to Paula for supplying me with fodder for the blog. For pics of Inko enjoying her electric fan during our little heatwave, you'll have to visit her blog.

A few days before meeting up with Tarmo, Inko had Tarkka to stay overnight, and it looks like they had a ball. I cannot believe how much like his dad Tarkka is beginning to look.

Looking like they've finally tired themselves out... or, at least, taking a little break:

Sunday, 12 July 2009

show updates

How behind am I? Oops!

Here's a quick run-down of what's been happening for the Infindigo gang at the summer shows:

Southern Counties
Always a fun show because we are granted a Finnish judge and also have rare breeds classes in addition to breed classes. The rare breed judge, Karina Le Mare, wasn't much of a fan of Lapphunds, apparently, and those entered got a few unremarkable places, the best of which was Rauhan's 2nd in Puppy Dog and another 2nd in Junior Dog.

Rauhan also took Best Puppy in Breed under Pekka Teini and Taito got his first Reserve Best Dog behind his dad who was also Best of Breed.

Three Counties
I missed this show, but it was a great day for Tarkka under judge Zena Thorne Andrews. He was not only Best Puppy in Breed, but also Reserve Best Dog, his second already and he's not even a year old yet!

Another Best Puppy for Tarkka under judge Jenny Weetch.

And another for Tarkka under judge Stuart Mallard.

East of England
I fully intended to get to this show this year, even though it's like trying to get to the moon from here. However, events conspired against me (including, ahem, forgetting to enter...) and so I was waiting at home for the lovely news that Inko was Best Puppy. And on one of her few outings this year, Keksi was 2nd in Postgrad Bitch making her another addition to my list of Crufts qualifiers.

Go team!