Thursday, 31 December 2015

happy birthday to the juhla pups

Today, new year's eve, marks the first birthday of Tuuli's Juhla litter.

No longer puppies, they are all growing into lovely adult dogs now.  Er ... did I say adult?  That might be a tad ambitious.  Rather than a serene adulthood, their owners are more likely to have at least another 12 months of puppiness coming to them.  Looks like some of them are a bit more grownup and mature than others!

Juhla Pikkuveli  -  Tux

 Juhla Eevi  -  Eevi

Juhla Ismo  -  Malaki 

Juhla Kaija  -  Kaija

Juhla Niko  -  Niko