Thursday, 31 July 2014

happy birthday ...

... to the Monta puppies, aka the Devon Nine, who are 6 years old today!

I almost posted this a whole month early.  It wasn't that I forgot when their birthday is, it's just that I misplaced my grip on which month we were in.  Ahem.

First, here are their parents:

L: Neka age 10 yrs   -    R: Keskiyo age 8 yrs

This was Neka's second litter of puppies, an amazing bunch of NINE who remain, to this day, the largest litter ever born in the UK.  Neka did an absolutely stellar job of raising them, and all these years later I can still remember how exhausted I was with all the feeding, house training and socialising by the time they were 7 weeks old.  Oh, and did I mention that it rained just about every day those puppies lived here?  There was rather too much of the lugging them back and forth from the garden pen.

If you would like to check out what life was like with 9 puppies, go back to the first days of this blog which you can access via the archives list to the right.

In the meantime, here are the 6-year-olds and their 6-week-old selves - well most of them, anyway. 

Infindigo Monta Jaana

Snoozing in the sun - Good morning bottom! - at 6 weeks

Infindigo Monta Tarmo

Chilling on the cool tiles - Cute head tilt - at 6 weeks

Infindigo Monta Maija

Funny upside down dog - good sitting girl - at 6 weeks

Infindigo Monta Rauhan

Posing at a show (photo (c) Mark Treasure)  -  pretty face  -  at 6 weeks

Infindigo Monta Sulo

Looking a lot like dad  -  looking a lot like mum  -  at 6 weeks

Infindigo Monta Viivi

Pretty posing girl - looking like her dad - at 6 weeks

Infindigo Monta Tarkka

Handsome Tarkka (photos (c) Joanne Ross)  -  at 6 weeks

Infindigo Monta Aurinko

Showing off her fluffy tail - showing off her fluffy feet! - at 6 weeks