Saturday, 16 January 2021

4 weeks old


Have you ever seen such a fluffy 4-week-old puppy?  Me neither!

Joulu has moved out of the cats' domain upstairs and now has a palatial pen downstairs where he is enjoying the extra space and the extra features such as pussycats and cardboard boxes.

He has teeth now, which Suvi isn't impressed with, and he tucks right into his kibble mush now. 

He full-on plays with his toys now, as well, shaking them to death (falling over in the process).  Luckily he doesn't realise he's lonely without any siblings.  

Here is a selection of cute shots from his 4th week.


Catching Zs

There are eyes in there somewhere...

Did someone say 'show stand'???

Hanging out with mum

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