Saturday, 9 January 2021

3 weeks old

 It's been a busy week for Joulu.  He's had his nails cut a few times now, he has been wormed - neither of these events is something he's particularly keen on, like all puppies.  On the plus side, his eyes are open, he has learned to walk (and getting good at it), he is now playing with his toys (result - they don't bite back!) and he has started to lap at milk (yummy but hard work) and had his first meal.  

Is it possible he's getting cuter?  He's definitely getting funnier at times.  Little walking video at the bottom.

This pretty boy (tongue out!)

And again!  Sleeping version
Not perfectly sharp, but with pretty mama

Mamas are good for snoozing with

Practicing walking

Hanging out with the toy-siblings

Milk is yummy

Being a puppy is TIRING WORK

Squawking over-tired puppy

And then .... zzzzzzzzzz

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