Friday, 1 January 2021

2 weeks old

Here is one very cute polar bear cub Finnish Lapphund puppy at 2 weeks old.  Eyes open, starting to try to get on his feet and walk, looking for his toys/siblings.  He's 870 grams now, so developing well.  He had one rear dew claw on the right but John & Anna were lucky enough to be able to find a vet who was willing to remove it when he was 5 days old.  The little wound from that procedure is all healed now and we don't need to worry about it being damaged when he's older and haring around the woods in the way that we know they do when they have the opportunity.

Some photos from his second week and a little video at the bottom of him almost walking:

2 weeks old profile

One day his paws will be that big.  Or bigger.

Sweet polar bear face

Suvi is such a good mama

Snoozing with his "littermates"

It's good when your littermates let you lie on them

Snuggles with mama

Lounging with open eyes


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