Saturday, 23 January 2021

5 weeks old

A yummy treat on a spoon helps the stand pose :-)

Joulu is certain to think he will always get snow, as the very same week he went outdoors for the first time, he experienced snow.  Lucky puppy!  

Here he is learning that all-important pouncing skill, foiled by the tennis ball. 

And a selection of cute photos from his 5th week.

Hanging out with mum

Getting the crazy play face in order

Suvi is such a good mum

Looking like he's ready for mischief

... out

And, finally, a little video of Joulu outside for the first time.  Suvi is not exactly gentle with him - but then if he had siblings, they would play pretty rough too.  She knows what she's doing.  I love how confident he is!

But before we go, how cute is this?  Joulu with his parents at the same age.

Suvi - Joulu - Arvo all at 5 weeks

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