Wednesday, 6 August 2008

food glorious food

At last Neka is eating better. I guess that means the nine little monsters are taking their toll on her, but I feel better knowing that she's getting plenty of fuel. She's having 5 meals a day, and I try to vary what she has so that she doesn't go off anything - she's such a fussy eater, it drives me mad sometimes. Mainly, I try to make sure she's getting plenty of milk to recycle straight out again, but she's not very keen.

She used to drink lots of creamy soup in addition to her meals, but has started to turn her nose up at that now. She will no longer drink Lactol nor eat anything that I've sneaked Lactol into. Rats! She's too clever.

Her favorite meal of the day is breakfast: 4 large free-range eggs cooked in a pint of goat's milk with a squeeze of honey. Yummm - smells good enough to eat! Luckily Neka seems to think so too. Often I'll also sneak a couple of handfuls of puppy kibble into the egg mix. At least one other meal is a full cup of puppy kibble mixed with a pouch of mushy puppy food. If that goes down well, she gets it a second time because it's quick and easy. She also gets sardines because she loves them.

But her favorite food of all is anything she thinks she shouldn't be having - yogurt or cream licked straight from the tub, something given from my plate, prawn crackers (naturally).

Here's today's pic - Neka with her wriggly puppy skirt. It's her favorite way to feed them, sitting up with them fanned out around her. I think she gets too hot lying down. Or maybe she thinks this way she can make a quick getaway if necessary.

Look out tomorrow for a weight update and the one-week pics.

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