Friday, 1 August 2008

the cast of characters

First of all, to meet the parents: Elbereth Onnekas for Infindigo ShCM, or 'Neka', and Elbereth Keskiyö for Infindigo ShCM, known as 'Keskiyö'. Both were bred by Toni Jackson, the UK's top breeder, and we're forever grateful to her for sharing her dogs with us and for her friendship, support and advice ever since.

Neka had one other litter of 7 puppies which arrived last summer by Elbereth Kimmi, and they were so gorgeous that we decided to have another go. This time around she had NINE, which is a record size litter in the UK for Finnish Lapphunds. But Neka's & Keskiyö's granny Echo & her dam both had a litter of 8, so it shouldn't really have come as a complete shock, I suppose. But it did.

Here is Neka & her brood. She's a proper Super Mum, working very hard and she looks a little tired, but who wouldn't? You can, perhaps, see why I thought I'd never be able to tell the puppies apart.

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