Tuesday, 12 November 2013

puppies in peril

Up until the puppies are 2 weeks old they have little or no idea that bad things can happen to them.  Apart from the ones who had to have their hind dew claws removed, that is.  And apart from the ones who have found themselves on the wrong side of mum's body when the milk bar opens.  And also apart from the ones who have gotten themselves stuck in the corner of the box between the two shelves.  (Thanks to this regular event, the shelves at the back of the box have now been removed to decrease the likelihood of a puppy getting wedged into the corner with a sibling on top of him, unable to move.)

As far as puppies are concerned, the absolute worst thing in the world happens when they are 2 weeks old; they are wormed for the first time.  At the next worming the puppies will be 5 weeks old and will happily lap up the liquid wormer added to some yummy scrambled eggs.  But at 2 weeks old, the only way to get it into them is to squirt it directly into their mouths.  And it tastes bad.  Really, really bad.  As you can see.

First I lull them into a false sense of security with some yummy puppy milk.

Then - bam! - in goes the wormer.


"I said YUCK!"

Then in quickly with more puppy milk - but Sox isn't falling for it.

The good stuff  -  the bad stuff
It's really bad  -  WAH!


Anonymous said...

Puppy milk before AND after - spoilt puppies! ;-)

Jennifer said...

Yes, you can tell by the expression on their faces how spoilt they are lol. Poor puppies!