Wednesday, 7 December 2016

mid-week games

The puppies were rampaging around the outdoor pen in the way that 7-week-old puppies tend to do first thing in the morning, so I got out the camera to catch the evidence.  Of course, the minute I pointed the camera at them, they did this instead.

But they can't just sit there looking cute indefinitely.  Eventually normal service resumes, as shown below.  And if any of you were thinking Karhu was quiet, retiring and shy, you should see him when the scrambled eggs are served.  Not to mention when he gets his sister on her back in the box.  Once she has given up trying to get my attention, that is.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

7 weeks old

The countdown has now started.  This time next week all the puppies will be in their new homes.  It's a bittersweet time for us - so exciting for their new owners, and it's heartwarming to be making some people so happy.  But we will miss them.  We always do miss them, and I shed a tear as each one leaves.  But we will especially miss these 3 who are so quiet and easy.  It's quite a difference to have a litter of 3 from, say, one of 9.  Quite a difference.

Having said that, even three 7-week-old puppies can make their mark is pretty short order.  Anyone who hears me talk about puppy-proofing might think I exaggerate about doing away with EVERYTHING within reach that's not tied down or otherwise firmly attached.  Woe betide anyone who underestimates the determination of a tiny Lapphund who has discovered a loose thread... or a gap by the skirting board, for example.

And people might think I'm being a bit overly dramatic when I tell them not to leave their puppy unsupervised.  Here's what the threesome did this morning in the few minutes I left them unsupervised in the kitchen.  Instant chaos and destruction. 

So, their new owners are duly warned.  But they can be pretty cute and butter-wouldn't-melt-ish too, as evidenced in their 7-week portraits, taken today with the help of some grated cheese.  So if you're wondering what's on their faces, it's cheese crumbs.  And if you ever need to bribe your puppy to do something, then a sliver of grated cheese is the answer.



That tail?  Wagging.  As usual.


Monday, 28 November 2016

6 weeks old

Here they are, a little late, but with their new names, which, as always at this stage, are still subject to Kennel Club approval.

Little Arvo
Infindigo Täysikuu Arvo (Arvo)

With the added bonus of Maija peeping over the top


Infindigo Täysikuu Anniina (Anni)

Infindigo Täysikuu Karhu (Karhu)

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

mid-week this & that

Tähti & Kuu

The puppies have managed to spend a little bit of time outside this week, although it has been rather cold and wet from time to time.  It's always good fun in the outdoor pen where they get to run around and really build up some speed and muscles.   You can join the Infindigo Finnish Lapphunds Facebook group to see all the action because we are enjoying the live video feature when the threesome are doing something particularly cute.  Of course good lighting helps, so that rules out most of the indoor action.

Here's a sample of sweet moments, including a few shots of Tuuli playing with Kuu.

Tähti buried under vet bed & toys

Arvo loves to have a pillow


What's so funny?

Kuu & Tähti share a burger

Sunday, 20 November 2016

5 weeks old

I've got a selection of photos for you of puppies doing cute stuff, but I'll save them for a couple of days.  In the meantime, here's the weekly update.  I have to admit these were taken in a slight rush so the pups are looking a a bit disheveled as they were not brushed.  Also, there are no pretty standing shots, just slightly enforced ones with the rather sleepy puppies thinking "wha?"

Little Arvo