Tuesday, 13 June 2017

happy birthday

L-R: Taika, Taito, Karhu, Koda, Diesel, Torvi, Keksi

Ten years ago today – a very special day, as it was the day that Neka gave birth to our very first litter of puppies.  Stoic as she was, and inexperienced as I was, I didn’t see the signs that they were on their way and so I left her snoozing on the sofa when I made the 20-minute round trip to pick up Jay from the park & ride on his way home from work.  When we got back she had gutted the sofa cushions, leaving chunks of foam all over the floor.  Ah, that would be the "nesting" that I had read about, then.

Pretty soon I noticed she was grunting, and a quick phone call to a more experienced friend confirmed that this was certainly contractions, so we retired to the whelping box in the back room. 

I cannot now remember how long I had to wait for the first puppy to arrive, nor how long it all took for the 7 to arrive.  I do have notes filed away of the event, but sadly there was no blog in those days, so when an old computer died without a backup a few years ago I lost most of my photos of this litter (back up your computers, people!).   

But I have a few.

I was hoping to have a reunion for this milestone birthday, but with one of the gang in Scotland awaiting the imminent arrival of a new human baby brother or sister, and a family member of another out of the country at the moment, it was never going to happen.

These dogs are a great bunch of characters – good-natured, friendly & easy-going, occasionally lazy & stubborn, blessed with excellent health & good looks.  Very happy 10th birthday to the oldies, and many happy returns, in birth order, as always:

6 weeks & 9 years (Photo: Helen Golden)

6 weeks & 9 years (Photo: Kate Wilson)

10 weeks & 10 years (Photos: Wendy & Scott Gilmour)

6 weeks and 10 years (Photo: Melinda Groves)

6 weeks & 10 years (Photo: Mark Treasure)

6 weeks & 10 years (Photo: Daniel Spencer)

9 weeks & 9 years with Steve (Photo: Steve Giles)
I would be remiss if I didn’t mention all the special families who have loved and cared for these fabulous dogs for the past 9 years and 10 months:  the Goldens, Wilsons, Gilmours, Groveses, McCarthys, Spencer-McGinleys and Gileses – with special mention of Steve Giles who loved Torvi so much and who sadly died earlier this year.  Thank you everyone for 10 great years.

Monday, 29 May 2017

8 weeks old

There are rarely any 8-week portraits of the puppies on my blog because there is just no time to set up one of those photoshoots where the puppies are notoriously wiggly and we are notoriously sweaty and stiff of back from struggling with the sit and the stand when all the puppies want to do is run and play.  And bite, of course.  And that's assuming the weather is cooperating and we don't have to resort to indoor photos with the flash and the nosey older dogs.

No, at 8 weeks we are all far too busy getting ready for each puppy to set off to his or her new home with the new family.  There are going-home toys and vet beds to "season".  Seasoning involves giving the toy and vet bed to the puppies in their pen or out in the kitchen or outdoor pen where they run and play.  Like any new item them are given, they immediately descend upon it in a pack, dragging it around with them, playing tug with it, trying to steal it from each other and, eventually, peeing on it and then snuggling up together for a snooze on it.  Perfect for sleeping on when they are in their new homes and still missing their siblings.  It gives them a great deal of comfort to have the smell of their littermates and, in this case, their granny too.  Tuuli has also joined in the seasoning fun and has been playing with the toys and lying on the vet bed.  But she didn't pee on it.  Hopefully.

Then there are the puppy packs to get ready - food, toys, chews, poo bags, other bits and pieces.  And then there is the binder full of just about all the canine contents of my head that someone once amusingly dubbed the "Puppy Manual" and the name has stuck.  The Puppy Manual takes some work to put together; it seems that with each litter I find new things to add.  I'm sure my puppy owners are thrilled by all the information I give them to read.  Yes, undoubtedly.

And then the busy-ness of each family arriving, sitting patiently while we go through a crash course in Lapphund puppy management, signing the puppy contract, and then they're off.

Inka off to West Sussex with Georgina & Dave
Anja off to the house boat in the West Midlands with Sheila & Pat

Oakki off to Berkshire with Sue & Ronnie

Kiito off to Nottingham with Amy & Tom

Logan off to Gloucestershire with Betty, Rich & son William
Kai off to Surrey with Jackie & her daughters Vicky & Ellie

Mäyrä off to Bedfordshire with Pamela, Colin, Michelle & Conal

These puppies are going to be living with cats, parrots, and other dogs in the form of Miniature Schnauzer, Norwegian Elkhound, Border Collie, Huskies, Malamutes and, of course, other Lappies.  I am hoping there will be photos to share of all that in the days to come.  That's a big, fat hint just in case any of the families have any time for checking into the blog...

Thursday, 18 May 2017

7 weeks old

The 7-week photos are a little late and shot inside with a flash because the weather is not cooperating.  The puppies, on the other hand, did cooperate.  Mostly.

And we now have new names!  All subject to KC confirmation, as always.

Infindigo Raita Kiito

was Ella


Infindigo Raita Oakki

was Duke


Infindigo Raita Anja

was Nina


Infindigo Raita Inkeri (Inka)

was Billie


Infindigo Raita Kippari (Kai)

was Louis


Infindigo Raita Mäyrä

was Etta


Infindigo Raita Susikoira (Logan)

was Dizzy

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

6 weeks old

We have names for most of the puppies now, but not quite all, so they will come next week.  This week we have sitting and standing pics - ta-da!








Wednesday, 3 May 2017

5 weeks old

No fanfare, and the most basic of puppy photos for their 5-week portraits, but I've been at work all day and I won't say where Jay has spent most of his day.  Let's just say he appears to have had a bad prawn.  Or two.  Or something.  Luckily I have not been so afflicted, just busy busy.  No profile shots today, then - I'm thinking I was fortunate to get what I did, frankly.  Perhaps we'll try again one day when Jay is feeling a little more over the weather.