Thursday, 10 August 2017

6 weeks old

Emmi has gone home and the puppies are left to fend for themselves ... well, with a bit of help in the form of meals and cleanup from the humans and playtime from Tuuli and from Anni, who is visiting.  If anyone is thinking of asking me to take care of dogs while there are 5-or-6-week-old puppies in the house again, don't.  I don't mind one bit having 12 dogs in the house at once.  Truly.  But I dare say my neighbours are not quite so keen and even Jay is less certain.  Perhaps because I disappear off to work a few days a week leaving him to try to work and take care of 12 dogs.  Whoops!

Suffice to say it has been fun.  Of a sort.

At last the puppies know where they will be going to live, and the new puppy owners know which puppy will be theirs.  We even have names!  As always, the names are subject to Kennel Club approval.

I was pleased the weather cooperated today so that we could get some good outdoor photos.  If you're wondering what I'm bribing them with to get them to stand so nicely, it's slivers of mature cheddar - the puppies' first taste of cheese.  As you can see, they approve.

Infindigo Lintu Joki

Was Woody, will be called Joki (pronounced Yokey), Finnish for "river"

Infindigo Lintu Nukka

Was Robin, will be called Nukka (pronounced Noo-kah), Finnish for "jumper fluff" - yes, it's true, that this puppy will be called Lintu Lint!  It amuses me inordinately.

Infindigo Lintu Valo

Was Raven, will be called Valo (pronounced Vah-loh), Finnish for "light".

Infindigo Lintu Henkka

Was Rook, will be called Henkka, which is the name of the bass player in the Finnish band "Children of Bodom".

 Infindigo Lintu Xxxx

 Still Buzz, as we don't have his new name just yet

Infindigo Lintu Matias

Was Puffin, will be called something else as yet undecided.

Infindigo Lintu Miika

Was Merlin, will be called Miika (pronounced Mee-kah), which is a Finnish boy's name and the name of his mum, Emmi's, big brother at home.

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