Saturday, 26 August 2017

farewell to the Lintu puppies

And they're off!

7 weeks and 8 weeks came eventually and with those milestones came 7 clear vet checks, 7 microchips, 7 clear eye tests, 7 wormers, 7 flea treatments and 6 sets of testicles present & correct.  One by one they set off for their new homes - more or less quietly (not mentioning any names....)

The first one out the door was Lumi who set off in the wee hours of the morning to Berkshire with Tammy & James. 

 Hot on his heels went Joki to Somerset with Emma and Ben.

Next up, Valo off to Cheshire with Christie & Ryan and Miika to Oxfordshire with Claire & Andy - not forgetting Madi by Facetime from Turkey.  They all came and went at the same time. 

Then today, the final day, the last 3 went:  first up, Henkka to Bath with Matt & Emma then Wilson to West Sussex with Vicki & Matt.

The first out the door this morning was Nukka who will be the 3rd Lapphund for the Wilsons in Somerset.   Here she is leaving today followed by the shot of number 2, Minna, leaving 7 years ago with number 1, Taika.  

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