Monday, 15 April 2013

riemu puppies at 1 year old

On 18 February the Riemu puppies turned one year old, so technically they are no longer puppies.  In reality, however, Finnish Lapphunds retain their infuriating endearing puppyish qualities longer after they have abandoned official puppyhood, so although they may be maturing physically and sexually, in behaviour they are still prone to sweet puppynesses.  What, I can't make up my own words?   

Here is a selection of photos of the brood at one year or, in some cases, one-year-and-a-bit or one-year-or-a-little-less.

First born was the brown wolf sable girl Tiia, who now lives with her big half-sister Marja in Cornwall where she gets to roam the wilds of Dartmoor on a regular basis.  And then, as you can see, to chill out in luxury at home.

Photos from Maria Gregory

The second puppy to appear was Kiittaa, the "hopea" - or silver - little polar bear.  She has been busy in the show ring with Lexi during her puppy year and has had some success - most notably winning her class at Crufts in March, pictured below.  And, as it goes with dog showing, there was also some less-than-success, with one judge casting a critical eye with the comment "Well, I suppose that's an acceptable colour..."  Whatever next!  Sounds a bit to me like a judge who needs to re-read the breed standard.  Unless, of course, not all the mud had been completely eradicated beforehand...

@Nicky Birks

@Silke Hollje-Schumacher

@Silke Hollje-Schumacher

The next puppy to appear was Miila, pet name Miia, baby name Toes.  At 393 grams, she wasn't only the biggest bitch of the litter, but the biggest puppy, out-weighing even the biggest of the boys by 10 grams.  These days she's more petite, which just goes to show you can't judge anything by birth weight.

@Karen White

@Liz MacDonald

@ Liz MacDonald

After the biggest of the puppies came the smallest of them, Emmi, whose baby name was, of course, Little Ilo as she has her father Ilo's wolf sable colouring.  Emmi, too, has been busy in the show ring in her first year, and you can read all about her adventures there and elsewhere in the update sent by Jane

@Mark Treasure

@Mark Treasure

@Jane Treasure

Next came the first and smallest of the boys, Kimi, aka Jacob, baby name Claw.  He now lives in North Devon with his long-suffering "big brother" George the Cavalier King Charles where they have the run of a truly fabulous beach every day.  Lucky dogs!  Alas there are no recent photos of Jacob, although I keep threatening to get myself up to North Devon for a visit.  However, this is how cute he was at 4-5 months.

Photos from Sue Neale

And finally, the big brown boy Mikko who has the colouring and sweet expression of his mum, Keksi.  His baby name was Brownie and he is now a strapping young dog with a south Welsh accent who is being kept busy with two children to play with - and apparently plenty of snow!

Photos from Peter Davies

Happy belated birthday to the sweet Riemu puppies.  And now that they are no longer officially puppies, I am getting decidedly broody again and I'm thinking it's just about time we had the pitter-patter of little paws in this house again.  How does that happen with such frequent regularity?

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