Tuesday, 17 March 2020

6 weeks old

The puppies are 6 weeks old, and as usual, here they are with their new names.  As always, all the names are subject to KC approval. 

These puppies have been so well behaved and quiet - it's most unusual for a litter of Lappies.  Because of the weirdness of Coronavirus and the self-isolating I've been doing for almost 2 weeks now, these puppies have not been getting anything like the normal socialisation regime that Infindigo puppies usually get.  Still, they're confident and outgoing little tykes, taking in all the experience that we can give them without actually having people in the house or taking the puppies into town.

As you might expect from their parents, the puppies' coats are amazing.  Looking at these photos, I think I'm going to have to start using the adult brush on them, as the puppy brush just isn't cutting it anymore.

How cute are the sitting shots!  Luckily they are, as most of the standing ones are, well, not great.  But then you get the absolute natural posers like Neot/Nalle and Trever/Taika!

To be called Infindigo Onnekas Nalle
Nalle is a Finnish word for bear - very fitting, we think, for the most teddybear-like of puppies!

To be called Infindigo Onnekas Penni
Penni is the Finnish form of the word "penny"

To be called Infindigo Onnekas Ruskka (Ruska)
Ruska is a Finnish word meaning autumn colours, but I added an additional, unnecessary K to the registered name because Ruska wasn't accepted by the KC

To be called Infindigo Onnekas Taikuri (Taika)
Taikuri is a Finnish word meaning magician and Taika means magic
You can follow Taika on Instagram @taikuri_the_lapphund

To be called Infindigo Onnekas Maki
Maki is a Finnish boy's name

To be called Infindigo Onnekas Kielo (Lily)
Kielo is the Finnish word for lily of the valley flower

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