Saturday, 11 January 2014

growing up pups

The Pippuri puppies are almost 3 months old and growing fast.  Pretty soon they will be sprouting new adult teeth into jaws not quite big enough to hold them yet (and the chewing will ramp up - yes, it does get worse before it gets better!)  At the same time, their legs will shoot up and their noses will shoot out.  Do you get the impression it's not a very attractive phase?  At some point soon their ears will go up too (one hopes).

Fiia at 10 weeks modelling her smart hi-vis harness

Kai practicing being cute at 10 weeks

Kaito at 10 weeks... on the sofa, no less

Talvi having fun in the park

And, finally, a little video of Tito having fun with the boys his first time at the beach.

Meanwhile, the extended family visited last week, and Jaana, too, is growing up.

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