Friday, 20 July 2012

Jacob growing up

Jacob (Riemu Kimi) at 4 months - how irresistible is that face

Although I have posted a few photos on Facebook, I know that not everyone participates in that.  So it's only fair that I should share a little update on Jacob, since Sue & Colin were kind enough to go to all the trouble of sending me photos in the post.

You will find that all Lapphunds, around the 4-5 month mark, shoot up in all directions - the nose grows long, the ears grow large.  And as for the legs - long.  Very long.  And did I mention skinny?   Lappies are known for going through an ugly duckling stage at this age, so it's no surprise.  In fact, I've written about it before once or twice.  Just imagine - this is the ugliest a Lappy will ever be!  And still pretty cute, in spite of that.

Jacob is a growing up boy now, and someday he will grow into his legs.  I guarantee it.

 Long-legged beach baby

With his adopted brother, George, hunting for sea treasures

Chilling at home with his toys...

... and with a chew

Just busy doing puppy stuff

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