Friday, 25 February 2011

what's up

You may well wonder what I've been doing that is so important that I have little time for updating the blog. Apart from catching up on the work that I missed while the puppies were here, that is. Well, I've been clearing the decks in a rather big way. 2 cats, 3 (often 4) dogs, and 4 litters of puppies have had their toll on the living room carpet (cream, yet!) and so this was always going to be the winter of replacing the carpet with something more practical. Something less absorbent. Less inclined to attract and display mud quite so willingly.

All new flooring is quite an upheaval, involving putting all the furniture... somewhere, moving the piano and the ludicrously heavy television. So while facing that kind of turmoil I thought I might as well paint the walls too so that they will be more in keeping with the new wood floor. And while I was at it, having had quite enough of living in squalor, I decided to make a bid for something a little more minimalist.

The result is an enormous amount of stuff leaving via the front door the past 2 weeks. And up the stairs. One of the things we are banishing from the living room is the massive CD collection. Between us we have, er, a rather large number of them. So we're now in the process of transferring them into iTunes and onto the iPods and then out the door. Anyone want to buy some used CDs? Perhaps I should take them to a carboot sale or something. On one of those free weekends I don't seem to have.

Anyway, I've been busy. Needless to say, ever-helpful - not to mention nosey and willful - Neka has been "helping".

She just had to see what was behind the piano.
Answer: wet paint.


Emma McCarthy said...

Take the cds to a dog show and set up a stall in the FL section- I think people would like the distraction of rumaging through your cd collection.

Jo Ross said...

So that's where he gets it from. Tarkka has put lovely paw prints on my nicely primed window sills today.

Jennifer said...

Oops! But you know that Tarkka gets all his naughtiness from his mum :-)